Emma Smith is a visual artist based in the UK and works internationally. She has a social practice and creates public platforms for experimentation, research and action through site-specific events and installations.

Smith’s work tests the boundaries of human connectivity: relationship, communication, sense of place and entanglement. Her work looks in particular at hidden forms of connectivity: the intimate / the transient / the subconscious / and the invisible.

Smith’s process is research and production based and often involves the bringing together of multi-disciplinary teams including collaborations with academics, professionals and hobbyists and drawing on the fields of anthropology, history, psychology, neurology, physics and biology. Through this co-research process her work results in published findings as well as new artwork, unearthing forgotten histories and proposing new futures.

Involving thousands of people in each project, Smith creates ephemeral experiences particular to those who are there, as well as scores, props and games for non-durational performance to be activated at any time. She creates work for the public realm and gallery ranging from intimate exchanges to large scale installations and performance works. Through her work Smith converts the gallery from a space of contemplation to one of active research – a space for experimentation and collective action.

Previous exhibitions and performances include Tate Modern, Barbican, Whitechapel, Bluecoat, Whitworth, ICA and Arnolfini with international projects across the globe.

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    Solo Exhibitions
    • 2018


      , Parker's Piece, Cambridge, UK
    • 2018


      , Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK
    • 2017


      , Art on the Underground London
    • 2017

      Communications Department

      , Tate Modern, London, UK
    • 2017

      I+I: Variations on Alteroception

      , The Edge, ICIA, Bath, UK
    • 2016

      Recipes for Relationships

      , New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge, UK
    • 2016


      , Delfina Foundation, London, UK
    • 2015

      Variations on a Weekend Theme

      , Kettles Yard Cambridge, UK
    Group Exhibitions
    • 2018

      This is a Voice

      , MAAS, Sydney, Australia
    • 2018

      The Land We Live In – The Land We Left Behind

      , Hauser & Wirth Somerset
    • 2018

      Actions: The Image of the World Can be Different

      , Kettle's Yard Cambridge
    • 2017

      Concentric Zone Theory

      , Division of Labour, London, UK
    • 2017

      material / rearranged / to / be

      , Barbican, London, UK
    • 2016


      , RCA, London, UK
    • 2016

      This is a Voice

      , Wellcome Collection, London, UK