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Emma Smith has a performance based social practice, creating public platforms for experimentation and research through site-specific actions, events and installations. Smith’s work explores human forms of connectivity, looking in particular at those that operate on a subconscious level through resonance, molecular activity, energetics and tacit behaviour.

Smith’s working process is research and production based and often involves the bringing together of multi-disciplinary teams including academics, professionals and hobbyists, using the gallery space as an active laboratory for experimentation and collective action.

Working with the format of rehearsal and public participation, Smith creates ephemeral experiences particular to those who are there, as well as props and games for non-durational performance to be activated at any time. Often site specific, her work investigates local historic behaviours in relation to the present, collapsing notions of time to challenge sedentary notions of place relation, considering how we might all relate to any place at any time through transitory modes of belonging and practices of place being.