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Public Servants


Published by MIT Press & New Museum, New York, USA. Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good is edited by Johanna Burton, Shannon Jackson and Dominic Willsdon. Images of Smith’s work PLAYBACK for The Showroom, London, are included in Irit Rogoff’s essay ‘Starting in the Middle: NGOS and Emergent Forms for Cultural Institutions’.

ISBN: 978-0-262-03481-4


Topografias Invisibles

book cover Luce crop

A collection of studies on spatial practices this book includes a chapter and case study by Luce Choules (Fellow of Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers) on Emma Smith’s art practice: Fieldwork in Practice: shared geographies.

Topografias Invisibles: Critical strategies between art and geography is Directed by Teresa Blanch and published by the University of Barcelona.



Practice of Place

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Practice of Place examines the role of social and participatory art practices in relation to site and society. Looking at tactical modes of habitation – collaboration, commitment, imagination, play, forgiveness, reflexivity and trust – practice is brought into question and the gallery reconsidered as a home for art. This collection of essays, interviews, conversations and musings is a generous anti-manual of place-based practice.

By Emma Smith with contributions by: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Larry Achiampong, Can Altay, Dennis Atkinson, Ricardo Basbaum, Ania Bas, Ute Meta Bauer, Binna Choi, Andrea Francke, Janna Graham, Bahbak Hashemi-Nazhad, Emma Hedditch, Kaija Kaitavuori, Denis Kane, Annette Krauss, Marysia Lewandowska, Maria Lind, Simone Mair, Nia Metcalf, Jonathan Mosley, Henderson Murray, Christian Nyampeta, Emily Pethick, Laurel Ptak, Filipa Ramos, Louise Shelley, Jane Sillis, Maiko Tanaka, Sophie Warren, Eva Wisniewska.

Published by Bedford Press, London, with The Showroom, London, and Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht. Supported by Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, and Artsadmin, London.


Performance as Sculpture

Performance as Sculpture

Co-Published by Performance as Publishing and Performance as Sculpture.

Including Jenny Moore, Beth Collar, Ella Finer, Nicole Bachmann, Ben Cain, Francesco Pedraglio, Heather Philipson, Chosil Kil, Ruth Beale and Emma Smith.


Control, issue 19


Contributor to Stephen Willats’ Control magazine, Issue 19, that launched at Kate MacGarry gallery on 9 September.

Bringing together artists “who are all developing a counter consciousness… focusing their work on creating society between people”, Smith’s contribution explores the idea of rehearsal as practice.

Other contributors include Stephen Willats, Ricardo Basbaum, Andrea Francke, and Christian Nyampeta, Rosalie Schweikeramong, Eva Weinmayr, Ross Taylor & Madalina Zaharia, Luke Cohen and Laura Wilsonothers.

Order direct from Stephen Willats.

The Eterphilous Society, issue 1

Eterphilous Image

We invite you to join us for the launch of The Eterphilous Society Issue 1, the first of a series of publications exploring the notion of intimacy.

T.E.S. was created to develop the discipline of Eterphilogy, the study of intimacy and its forms, looking at how intimacy has evolved, how we consider it today and what we might learn through a rediscovery of its history.

Featuring the documentation of The Eterphilous Society Inaugural Lecture and the first confession of The Eterphilous Game, performed by artist Emma Smith and including a text by guest contributor Cigdem Esin, this publication delves into the development of personal narratives tracing the history of confession to the present day.

Where Do You See Yourself in 25 Years


Published by Wysing Arts Centre and designed by An Endless Supply on the occasion of the exhibition Annals of the Twenty Ninth Century. The publication is contributed to by 67 artists, writers and academics marking the 25th anniversary of Wysing Arts Centre.

Collective Praxis

Collective Praxis

Following on from a series of peer-to-peer workshops in Autumn/Winter 2012 as part of ongoing research into social practice, Spacex have now printed a publication to expand on this research. The workshops opened up a space to share experience, engage in peer critique and reflect critically on where theory meets practice when artists develop collaborative or participatory projects. Each session was led by a UK based practitioner with extensive experience of working with social practice; Emma Smith, Lotte Juul Petersen, Nuno Sacramento, Sophie Hope and Emily Druiff.

The publication aims to disseminate these discussions with texts by Martha Crean, Sophie Hope and Emma Smith.

For further information, or if you are interested in receiving a copy please contact


The Fire Station Project

The Fire Station Project-1

Published by ACME studios. Biogs and images of 50 artists, case studies, essays and complete list of residency artists to date. Download from ACME Studios.


Golden Threads


Published by Delta Arts. Essays and reflections on Delta Arts’ artist exchange programme researching the varying conditions for artists working in social and artist educator practice in Lebanon, Denmark and the UK. Order in English from Delta Arts or Arabic from AND Publishing.

Gallery as Community: Art, Education, Politics


Published by Whitechapel Gallery. Conversations and debate on ‘community’ and art exploring the proliferation of programming relating to the social context in the last decade.

On In + An One, Manifesta Journal 14


Souvenirs, Souvenirs… Including a game by Emma Smith based on the stories of Virginie Bobin, Viktor Misiano, Natasa Petresin-Bachelez, Filipa Ramos and Rasha Salti. View online.

The Starry Rubric Set


Published by An Endless Supply and Wysing Arts Centre on occasion of The Starry Rubric Set exhibition at Wysing Arts Centre in 2012 including residency artists: Ruth Beale, Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Kate Owens, Francesco Pedraglio, Laure Prouvost, Emma Smith and Cally Spooner. View online.


Community Without Propinquity


Published by Inheritance Projects and Milton Keynes Gallery. Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Community Without Propinquity at MK gallery. Contributors: Amanda Beech, Paulo Catricia, Nathan Coley, Caroline Devine, Cao Fei, Cyprien Gaillard, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Pierre Huyghe, Jesal Kapadia, Kelly Large, Minouk Lim, Wayne Lloyd, Vincent Messen, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Pia Ronicle, Emma Smith, Patrick Staff, Mark Aerial Waller, Stuart Whipps, Bai Xiaoci and Huang Xiaopeng. Order online from AND Publishing.