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As part of her collaborative practice Emma Smith is Artist Partner and co-founder of art collective Delta Arts, a collaborator in the interdisciplinary practice SubRural and runs a collective research space, The Study.

DELTA ARTS is an art practice for collaboration, exchange and participation. Their work is located in the intersection of research, practice and pedagogy, exploring the possibilities of mobility and performativity. Delta Arts translates between the artist and society, the urban and the rural, the local and the global, culture and the natural environment.

SUBRURAL is a collaborative practice between Emma Smith and landscape architect Sadie Stowell. SubRural explores the psychology of space, investigating trigger factors to human experience and the potential transference of spatial elements between the rural and urban environments.

THE STUDY is a space for reading, writing and thinking. Hosted at the artists studio, The Study includes reading weeks and study days to provide artists, researchers and practitioners time and space to think in a collaborative environment. Each event is arranged around a particular theme. Guests are invited to use the study library or bring their own material. All researchers work on their own work which is then shared over a meal at the end of the day/week. The Study also hosts Study Support events: a social gathering for artists to receive group feedback and support on issues relating to their practice.