A Greaât Stitheram, 2013


A Greaât Stitheram is a score for voice and piano written in Old English, Latin and Linconshire dialect.

This work premiered at the Greyfriars Lincoln on 9 February 2013, performed by visitors, local residents, singers from Lincoln Choral Society and Heighington Millfield Primary Academy Choir accompanied by Charles Harrison on piano.

The lyrics brings together voices from across the buildings 782 year history creating a composite of site specific sound, exploring the relation between language and place and the extent to which language can carry tacit place knowledge.

Working with a team of local historians, musicians, linguists and story tellers, Smith undertook extensive research into the history of the site, its previous uses and the voices that occupied it.

The work was created as the result of a one year residency at the Greyfriars Lincoln and commissioned as part of a one year programme of interventions into the building entitled Mistaken Presence.

The artist would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project and in particular June Kay, James Epton, Liam Robinson, Lesley Clarke, Maureen Sutton, Carolyn Radford Smith, Loretta Rivett, Charles Harrison, Graham McAdam, the Lincoln Choral Society, Heighington Millfield Primary Academy Choir, Lincoln Archives, The Collection, John Plowman, Alan Armstrong, Laura Mahony, Bethan Johnson and Stephanie Bolton.