Camp for Improbable Thinking, 2010


Following on from a residency at Wysing Arts Centre in February–March 2010, Smith hosted a performative weekend event at Wysing and in the surrounding area of Bourn on 12th and 13th June 2010 as part of the Camp for Improbable Thinking curated by Christina Green.

On the Saturday the gallery was converted into a costume and information centre where members of the public were invited to join the artist by dressing up and taking part in a performative walk.

The walk, that followed a pre-determined route through the village of Bourn, included the enactment of a number of interactive communal actions that explored the particular histories of the location.

These included a public apologies in the woods, the blessing of the village sign and a rendition of the Old 100th Psalm on the village bridge.

On Sunday the old village hut was re-instated at Wysing with a day of local musical performances and the presentation of a puppet show by a local pupeteer using stories from Smith’s research.

This project is part of an on-going piece of research by Smith, at Wysing Arts Centre, into communal actions.