Chora, 2016


Chora is an experiment to create a global citizenry though the power of thought.

Initiated through a happening at the epicentre of London, the work exists as an invitation to consider our shared humanity, distributed through the internet and social media.

Evolving from a previous thought experiment in September 2015 at Kunstmuseum Luzern, Chora was initiated on 9 February 2016 at the southern edge of Trafalgar Square where a plaque on the floor marks the historic epicenter of London from which all distances to other cities are measured. From this symbolic location, members of the public were invited to reflect on our shared humanity.

Derived from Plato ‘Chora’ describes a third space beyond the city proper, a vessel or clearing that refutes definition – what Derrida refers to as the space of an interval betwixt and between that is neither this nor that and both this and that simultaneously, giving place to oppositions.

In this work Chora is evoked through the power of thought, as ‘a state of mind’, inviting the imagination to provide the possibility of a shared space without territory, conditions of membership, or border. Chora has no fixed meaning but is the accumulation of the myriad reflections on our shared humanity that create it.

Anyone wishing to take part in this work is invited to take a moment to reflect on our shared humanity.

@GlobalChora social media acts as a gathering point for these reflections where thoughts are silently brought together through the images of those that think them. Never posting any material themselves these platforms remain as vessels that can be added to by anyone using #GlobalChora

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Curated by Translocalia: Amanda Masha Caminals and Lavinia Filippi.