PLAYBACK is a game of embodiment and communication. Consisting of a series of 18 monologue scripts this work exists in two forms, as installation, as presented at The Showroom 2011, and as a box set game, as presented at Survival Kit Latvia 2011.

PLAYBACK invites players to play a game through which to create a play. The game takes the form of a read through where the public read aloud a monologue script chosen by themselves from within the installation or game set. Read together by a set of rules that allow each person to direct their own narrative, each time the work is played a new play is created.

This project was developed through a one-year fellowship at The Showroom and was contributed to by a large number of individuals and groups local to the Church Street Ward, including ESL students from Quinton Kynaston Secondary School, day visitors to 60 Penfold Street and the Barnabus Group.

The game set version of this work is a limited edition set and includes the 18 scripts and the set of rules. This game exists in two versions: a UK version printed in English, Arabic, Farsi and Cantonese and a Latvian version printed in Latvian, Russian, Belo-russian, Polish and Ukranian.