Rehearsal (Act 1), 2015


Rehearsal (Act 1) is an interactive rehearsal to create a unique playlet. The event invites the audience onto the stage to rehearse, direct and participate in a unique experiment to consider the possibilities for public rehearsal and audience participation.

This work is a rehearsal for a rehearsal; an experiment into the possibility of rehearsal as a space of agency in which questions, histories, and behaviours can be addressed, posed and unfolded. For this work members of the public are invited to join a full tech rehearsal on the theatre stage supported by a professional crew. Everyone present is simultaneously protagonist within and audience to the work, which unfolds through the decisions of the group. Commencing with script and set, all elements of the work are offered up to the public for alteration and direction with the final experience created being entirely specific to those that take part.

The script for this work is a contemporary adaptation of a real story from 1820 of a tragic relationship that led both parties to their deaths. The script is set in a house party and explores the nuances of non-physical violence in relation.