School for Tourists: Campo Adentro, 2012


The School For Tourists is an ongoing project to examine our relationship to place, to question the roles of host and guest and to consider new possibilities for belonging.

Initiated at Grizedale Arts in 2011 the project toured to Spain in 2012 with Campo Adentro. Research and events were hosted in the rural town of Casares in the Costa del Sol .

The School for Tourists Spain included talks, skills workshops, a reading group, alternative tour and cooking lessons to be shared between tourists and residents.

In 2013 this work was exhibited at Matadero Madrid alongside accompanying talks at ARCO.

The exhibition included an information point where visitors could exchange information and knowledge, a School for Tourists resource library with books for public use, products for sale by local artisans of Casares and a film programme. Cheese made by Juan Ocana Mateo in Casares was provided to accompany a series of presentations on the opening night, served at tables laid with place mats for interchangeable guests and hosts.