The Whistling Orchestra of Philadelphia, 2019


The Whistling Orchestra of Philadelphia is the latest iteration in a long standing project based on the history of whistling, music and work.

This new score and performance written for whistlers from across Philadelphia is based on records and memories of music at work in Philly. The piece pays homage to whistling as a tool for agency and expression, celebrating the power of music to create solidarity and the history of whistling as a vocalisation of labour and memory.

With thanks to lead and champion whistler Mimi Drummond and all the whistlers of The Whistling Orchestra of Philadelphia:

Aaliyah Smith-Israel

Alanna Butler

Amber Justine Stewart

Anthony Feaster

Bria Blauvelt

Caroline Winschel

Christina Stella

Dennis Cavanaugh

Doug MacAdam

Eladio Olivio

Elijah Carter

Elsa Holmgren

Eric Valentino

Frank Schmidt

Jacqueline Reinhart

Jeff MacAdam

Jenelle Wilson Johnson

Jim Hummel

John Barnard

John Tatum

Kenny Schies

LJ Brubaker

Michael Gorrell

Michael Wells

Noah Donahue

Rayna Butler

Ronnessa Edwards

Sam Irwin

Sandra L. Dowling

Shavon Coleman

Suzanne Wingate

Terry Tumolillo

Conducted by Samantha Jennings.


The Whistling Orchestra of Philadelphia was commissioned by Temple Contemporary and generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.


The Whistling Orchestra project began in Nottingham, UK, in 2015, originally commissioned by Primary.


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