Variations on a Weekend Theme, 2015


Variations on a Weekend Theme is an art apothecary for restorative actions. Collected from local residents, the apothecary stocks over the counter quick fix solutions to everyday concerns including stress, fatigue, heart ache and melancholy. Visitors may also book a consultation with the artist who can prescribe instructions for a personalised relaxation activity, divined through the use of charts and remedy book developed by the artist through research with the Department of History and Philosophy of Science’s, Casebooks Project, Cambridge University. Prescriptions are written up by the artist as performance instructions and gifted to participants by post following the consultation.

The title of this work is named after an un-published manuscript by Jim Ede, founder of Kettle’s Yard, in which he details his open house policy in Tangiers which laid the foundations for his intentions to create a restorative environment through art at Kettle’s Yard.

This work was commissioned by Kettle’s Yard as part of Open House. The installation of the apothecary includes works by the following artists from the permanent collection at Kettle’s Yard: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Ben Nicholson, Naum Gabo, Ovidiu Maitec, Gregorio Vardanega, Richard Pousette-Dart, Kenneth Martin.

With thanks to everyone who contributed to this work including:

Alan Soer
Cambridge Community Arts
Carlos Ortiz Martinez
Carly Meagher
Celia Pym
Christine Cowling-Jones
Church of the Good Shepherd
Community Payback
David Kefford
East Chesterton Community Action Group
Elaine Tribley & Amanda Westbury
Ella McCartney
Filipa Perreia-Stubbs
Georgie Manly
Hannah Kershaw
Hilary Cox
Hilary Moreton
Ina Flory
Jack Warren Green Arts Award group
James Lees
Jane Waterhouse
Joanne Miller
Joe Lyward
Joel Chalfin
Jonathan Stanley
Kaitlin Ferguson
Kate Parsley
Kettle Club
King Hedges Gardening Group
Kings Hedges Community Action Group
Kings Hedges Crochet Group
Kings Hedges Neighbourhood Partnership
Lauren Kassell
Lorena Bushell
Louise Greenwell
Manor Care Home
Mohammed Djzami
Mr Kale
Natalie Kaoukji
North Cambridge Academy Arts Ambassadors
Orchard Park Fiesta
Padmavazi Bhave
Park Arts Group
Pat Hearn
Punjabi Cultural Society
Romsey Mill
Rosanna Martin
Sangita McGowan
Sarah Plumb
The Grove Primary School
Everyone at Kettle’s Yard and The Casebooks Project.